James, Nicole, and More

With July training just around the corner, James and Nicole are making the most out of spring, by catching up on family time, traveling around the world, and reflecting on the great Habs memories made along the way.

Expressing gratitude to the Montreal Canadien team James states in the WIZ the Warrior Canadiens.com article, “We were going to war together. There was a lot of adversity to deal with considering all the injuries we had over the course of the year, but we still stayed focused and didn’t let ourselves get off track down the stretch. It was a real pleasure to play in a market like Montreal with all the media attention the team gets.”

James professes his like for the Canadiens and revels in the great camaraderie among the Habs team, the fans, and Montreal. Look for more James and Nicole news to come, as they ready themselves for the next round of hockey. Stay tuned!

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