Thank You Montreal

What a Montreal Canadiens ride! Who knew that an XBox Live game and an unexpected phone call would become the backstory for the James’ trade from Islanders to the Canadiens? And talk about a story…

Taking it all in, James updated his Islanders teammates, who also happened to be part of his Call of Duty group, and started making plans. He instinctively recognized the significance of the move, prepped his wife, Nicole, and took some time to think. He’d soon be in a new country, speaking a different language, and among avid hockey fans at every turn. What an opportunity! Never one to shy away from learning, James enthusiastically signed up for French lessons, with respectable results to boot. James and Nicole settled into a quaint apartment, enjoyed getting to know the other players and their families, found time for winter golf, and experienced steady fan and Habs team support.

Finding his way around the Montreal ice was not an issue. He fit right in and made his presence known, racking up slapshots from the blueline and impressive defenseman stats all season through. Playing for the Habs produced high quality memories, that he continues to treasure. Through the multiple point games, the memorable puck to the face day, and commendable playoff run, all was eventful and well worth the trip. The get well wishes, and the “hope he signs with us again” sentiments have not gone unnoticed. Fans sure do make a difference and James extends gratitude every chance he gets. As he’s stated before, “This is a pure hockey city. We had a snow storm last night…not one seat was empty,” and that shows the true dedication of the Montreal Canadien fans.

It’s time now for James to take on his latest challenge and as he journeys to the next team, James Wisniewski sends a Montreal Canadiens message, “Thank you, and until we meet again.”

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