Thank You Montreal

What a Montreal Canadiens ride! Who knew that an XBox Live game and an unexpected phone call would become the backstory for the James’ trade from Islanders to the Canadiens? And talk about a story…

Taking it all in, James updated his Islanders teammates, who also happened to be part of his Call of Duty group, and started making plans. He instinctively recognized the significance of the move, prepped his wife, Nicole, and took some time to think. He’d soon be in a new country, speaking a different language, and among avid hockey fans at every turn. What an opportunity! Never one to shy away from learning, James enthusiastically signed up for French lessons, with respectable results to boot. James and Nicole settled into a quaint apartment, enjoyed getting to know the other players and their families, found time for winter golf, and experienced steady fan and Habs team support.

Finding his way around the Montreal ice was not an issue. He fit right in and made his presence known, racking up slapshots from the blueline and impressive defenseman stats all season through. Playing for the Habs produced high quality memories, that he continues to treasure. Through the multiple point games, the memorable puck to the face day, and commendable playoff run, all was eventful and well worth the trip. The get well wishes, and the “hope he signs with us again” sentiments have not gone unnoticed. Fans sure do make a difference and James extends gratitude every chance he gets. As he’s stated before, “This is a pure hockey city. We had a snow storm last night…not one seat was empty,” and that shows the true dedication of the Montreal Canadien fans.

It’s time now for James to take on his latest challenge and as he journeys to the next team, James Wisniewski sends a Montreal Canadiens message, “Thank you, and until we meet again.”

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  1. Dear Mr. Wiz,
    I just wanted to thank you for joining our team even though it was only for a short bit. I wish that we could have resigned you and I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors. Thank you again!

  2. Thank you James ! You r a hell of a fighter wish we could have kept you ! So long !

  3. Thanks for everything, James. We will miss you! You are a real gentleman!

    Best of luck with your future team! We will follow you!

    Take care!

  4. Thank you James a.k.a. The Wiz, thank you for the memories. Much to my displeasure there is one less American in Canada’s team :[

  5. Dear James,

    We knew this was coming but kept hoping you would receive an offer. This is very disappointing, I don’t understand what Mr. Gauthier’s plan is but I hope he knows what he is doing…

    I liked you as a player but also appreciated the fact that you took time for French lessons.

    I wish you all the best in hockey but also in golf! Thank you for what you have done for us!

  6. James,
    You and Pacioretty were the two players I was hoping to see back in a habs uniform for next season! It broke my heart to hear you won’t be back as a Hab but I do want to wish you the very best! Thank you for showing us your true colors this half season and I think they are bleu/blanc/rouge! You played your heart out and us fans noticed and appreciated every min you played! Wish you the very best Wiz!!!

  7. I’m so sad today!!! You leave our team…. I wish you the best with your new team! I hope you came back one day. Bye

  8. Thank you for all you did to help the team this season. You will be missed. Please, if there’s ever a chance, come back to Montreal – you’re a perfect (and fav) addition to the team on and off the ice.

  9. Sad to see you go :( . Best of luck to you!

  10. James, you represented the sweater well and the fans definitely appreciated you here. In a perfect world, we would’ve loved for you to have stayed but a lot of us understand that hockey is a business and you’ve earned the right to go out there and get a well-deserved long-term contract with a lucky team. Thanks, James.

  11. Wiz – you added an incredible dynamic to our team. Your first 3 games with us showed us just how lucky we were to have you, and your heart showed in every game on the ice this season with us. I am sad to see you go but I wish you all that you deserve – a wonderful future, filled with teammates who respect and appreciate you (much like your fellow Habs have) and fans who will scream your name when you get on the ice (though you probably won’t find louder ones than we Montrealers *g*).

    Thank you for your dedication to our team, James, and much, much continued good fortune to you and yours!!

  12. Hey James,
    Even on the other side of the Atlantic (Germany) your contributions to the Montreal Canadiens didn’t go unnoticed. I had wished to see you again in a Habs jersey next season and the coming years. Thanks again and all the best in Columbus.

  13. Merci beaucoup, James. It was fun to watch you score some important goals, as soon as you arrived. I wish you health, resiliency and much success with CBJ. The scenery will be much different. I hope that you will continue to study French. One word per day can go a long way. : )

  14. No.. thank YOU Wiz!
    Montreal will miss you! You’ve been a great addition to our team, but unfortunately, we won’t be seeing you in a bleu blanc rouge jersey next season..

    Thanks for everything! And best of luck with your new team.

    Once a Hab, always a Hab!

  15. You played great for Mtl, a warrior on the ice. The type of guy you like to go to war with. Your rush goal assisted by Cammy with the delay pass was a moment of beauty in remembrance of the mythic Forum defence legends. Farewell.

  16. Merci beaucoup James!
    I appreciated your contributions with Montreal Canadien.
    Bonne chance avec ta nouvelle équipe.

  17. Thank you for coming over and playing so hard – it was really appreciated. Good luck.

  18. Hey James,
    Really sucks that your rights were traded instead of being offered a contract. You grew to be one of my favorite players here in Montreal and i really hate the fact that your leaving!
    Farewell and good luck in the city you end of singing

  19. Thanks You to You James! Wish you the best in your next journey even if you would prefer you stay here ! #habs for ever

  20. So sad to see you leave James. After only a few months you were already “our” Wiz. We will miss you so much. I wish you Detroit, my second favorite team, but will support you anywhere… except in Boston! Please don’t do this to us! :)
    Best of luck to you and your wife!

  21. Sorry to see you go. Your Montreal fans will miss you playing for the Habs, but your true fans will continue to cheer you on wherever you go (my family included). Good luck to you, we’ll miss you. Thanks for being a player with heart and passion on the ice and an upstanding, honorable man off the ice.

  22. Best of luck on your next team. It was great watching you with the Habs jersey on. Hope success finds you where ever you go…except against Montreal of course :)


  23. Thank you James ! We all sure would have liked to keep you in here… But this is the business, I think. Too bad.

    Hope you’ll lift a Stanley Cup soon !

    Tu vas nous manquer !

  24. Hey James !
    You’ve been my player since the day you came in Montreal and showed our guys how to play Def.

    For the first time in my life, I bought a Canadiens t-shirt with a name on its back.

    Thank you for your dedication to the game, your passion and your amazing skills. I will always wear my Wisniewski t-shirt proudly.


  25. thank you, Wiz. i enjoyed having you on the team and seeing you play your heart out this past season. would have loved to see you wear the Habs jersey again next year, but i wish you great luck moving forward.

    class act all the way.

  26. Merci James! you were a great player! too bad we don’t have enough money to keep you, I just can’t believe Jaroslav Spacek ( 3,5M) stays with the habs!!

    I wish you ” Bonne chance ” for the future!

  27. Wiz you rock…best of luck with new new team, good for you for having a career year in a contract year. Go Habs go!

  28. really bummed that they’re trading you! you are one helluva great hockey player!

    good luck to you and your new team!

    we’ll miss u.

    HABS fan

  29. Dear James – it is so refreshing to hear the positive impact you have had on the Montreal fans. As a CBJ season tix holder it is my sincere hope that you see the team we are building in Columbus and desire to become part of what we hope will become a winning tradition. As a city we pride ourselves on the efforts given by the current CBJ players in the community. Based on the comments above it sounds like you give your all on and off the ice. Again, that’s refreshing. I hope you sign with Columbus but in the event you don’t I wish you luck elsewhere.

  30. Wow, we weren’t expecting that one at alll….. hope you will be considering coming back to mtl if they ever happen to offer you anything again!

    You will be missed for sure!!

    Oh and by the way, my Boyfriend cut his hair like yours, love it!!

  31. James, Cant wait to see you in a jackets sweater, on our #1 powerplay with Nash & Carter. Obviously we dont have the tradition of the Habs, but our fans have been loyal for many years of losing, please come and help change the culture of the CBJ with Nash & Carter. Btw, we have crazy fast high speed internet in Columbus, which will help your KDR in Black Ops. :) )

  32. All the best .Wish the Habs had stepped up and re-signed you.Hope you land in Detroit!

  33. Thanks James! You’re a class act. Wish you all the best and hope to see you back soon.

  34. James, you may not know much about Columbus, but rest assured, we have as hardcore a fanbase as any other team in the league. Players may have doubts about us, but once they sign, they fall in love with the city and often end up living here even if they leave the team. This city embraces its players and I’ve no doubt you’ll be a fan favorite.

    Howson is making bold moves and we hope you are a part of our bright future. Hope to see you in a Columbus sweater in September, but if not, best of luck to you.

  35. Thanks for the good plays and the PP James!


  36. james,
    thanks for the season hope you resign with montreal on july 1st. we all appreciate the fact you took the time to learn french, thanks hope to see you soon

  37. James,

    Will miss that rocket of yours from the point. You were a tremendous addition to our team, would have loved to have seen you stick around. Hope to see you again in the future.

    Now, you gotta share your gamer tag so we can play some black ops some time.

    Good luck in CBJ or wherever you end up this coming season.

  38. I wish you could have stayed longer…. You were one of my favorite players…I loved your episode in Your Canadiens!!!I voted for you to be in the all-star game…I threw a fit when i found out that Pierre Gauthier traded you, but i really got mad when i found out what he traded you for!!! A seventh round pick??? Is he crazy??? Your worth a first-round pick!!!Anyway,good luck in Colombus!!!
    Hopefully you can one day come back to the canadiens???I’ll cheer for you during Colombus games!!! Say hi to Rick Nash and Steve Mason for me!!!
    your 1#fan
    Chris CF

  39. youre a great hockey player James, you added alot of grit to the team, I think the part of your game goes unoticed.

    You filled your role in montreal perfectly! not only on the ice, but off the ice too, you were a complete gentlemen and I was sad to see you wernt resigned, I wish you the best in your career, you are now habs alumuni, this will always be a home to you!

  40. Don’t say its true I hope there is a master plan that PG has …ummm like offering you a contract tomorrow anyways which would be amazing please stay with us J U R DA MAN
    PS whats your ign for black ops I’d
    get it just to know I was killed off by the mighty Wiz lolz
    cheers the best in life for you and your
    family Wiz

    till we meet again

  41. Blair Sheridan

    Thanks, Wiz, for doing your best for our team and good luck to you in what I hope will be a very successful career.

  42. Wiz, We traded a Second rounder for you and are only getting back a seventh rounder, You are better off with another team, as with Gainey, Gauthier and Timmons here for years, expect only mediocrity in Montreal. Hockey Inside/Out site trashed you and we are truly sorry.

  43. James,
    Habs mgmt has lost their minds!! I was hoping they would sign you again.
    You were one of my favorites. However,
    I did attend a charity autograph session and I have a pic with us and I will treasure it always.
    Best of luck to you.
    PS.. If you ever play against Boston, KILL!

  44. Hi James! I wanted to thank you for what you brought to the ice this year for the Habs and also for what you did off the ice; I met you once and you took the time to have a little chat with me and you accepted to take a picture with my girl friend and boyyy was she grateful! Thanks to a great hockey player, a true warrior and a good person!!

  45. Thanks Mr. Wiz, you’re play with us was truly appreciated. You shall for sure be missed. Hope the Habs can sign you anyway after July 1st.
    If not the best of luck and hope to see you back with us soon.

  46. Thanks for everything Wiz! Good luck where ever you land, and please don’t score too many on us again ;) Maybe one day you’ll come back to us *wishful thinking*


  47. Wiz….would love to have you in Columbus! It’s great hearing all these nice compliments about you. You would play a big role in saving this franchise!

  48. Dear Wiz, gotta say you’re one hell of a defenseman. Really hope you’ll consider an offer from our Habs. You seemed to fit just right in + you are the type of warrior every true hockey fan loves to see play every night. Didn’t see you have a bad game with us. Bet you’d like to take more of those french lessons…seeing your pic all across the city…come on Gauthier, soumets-lui une offre s’il-te-plaît !!

  49. Thanks James. Congrats on a great stay in Montreal. I hope you reap all the rewards from your stellar play. Wish we had signed you.

    PS: Please don’t sign in Boston.

  50. Welcome to Columbus, Wiz! You’re gonna like it here. Get us to the playoffs, and you’ll see this town go absofreakinglutely nuts!! Go Jackets!!

  51. Thanks you James for all the great moments … you are a real warrior and one of the best def. of the NHL … everybody here in montreal will remember you.
    Wish you a long contract and a good team (not the leafs pleeeeeaaasssee)

  52. James,
    You may be leaving now but i have a feeling you’ll return to play for Montréal before your career is over. best of luck

  53. Dear Wiz,
    Words are not enough to express how much we’ll miss you. C’etait un plaisir de te voir jouer chaque match. You were there for the highs and lows that we all went through together as a unified city. You were not just an addition to our team, but a true member. On behalf of all Habs fans, I would like to wish you good luck in everything you do and as much as I love our Habs, know that I’ll be there cheering for you when you go against us. You will always remain a Habs, because once a Hab, always a Hab. You’re contributions and faith will never be forgotten. You were truly a great Montrealer. And you still are and will always be. Love, Patel. Go Wiz Go.

  54. Congrats on your signing with CBJ, we will miss you in Montreal. You were a great addition to the habs team. I had wished you would stay in Montreal. Despite your short stay in MTL, you have gained lot of fans here and that says a lot. Good luck with CBJ. And yes, ***GO WIZ GO***

  55. Congrats with your signing in Columbus. You will be missed by all Canadiens fans. Your addition to the team midseason was one of the biggest reasons we were able to get as far as we did. My favorite Hab moment was your interview with Travis Moen about the scuffle you had a few years back while playing for other teams. Best of luck. You will be missed.

  56. Thanks guys, I just about lost it loonkig for this.

  57. Wiz, you will be missed in Montreal. I was dissapointed to hear that you were traded. You would have done alot for the Canadiens, we need someone with your experience!! All the best in Columbus. Maybe one day you will wear the Canadiens logo again!!

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