Don’t be Fooled by Imposters

With so many different social media accounts out there and a host of wannabe celebrities seeking to increase friend and follower numbers, you are advised to verify who you are following. Although we have the Facebook and Twitter buttons on our site with direct, interacting links, there still seems to be some confusion as to who is the real James Wisniewski on Facebook and Twitter.

This is the official James Wisniewski website and when you go to his official Twitter and Facebook accounts those will also be linked to this site. Below are the official links for the James Wisniewski social media and it sure would be appreciated if you could pass along this information, by posting the hyperlinks on your facebook page and twitter account to keep others informed. Be sure to check. You just might be following the wrong guy.!/jameswisniewski


2 Responses to Don’t be Fooled by Imposters

  1. Superbly illuminating data here, tnhaks!

  2. Thanks for the information. There are a couple on line with the same name. Which to me is quite amazing.

    No I am not affiliated with the NHL nor am I a hockey player.

    Truck Driver
    James A. Wisniewski 1970

    P.s. Love the clothing line, the familie is very happy.

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