Wisniewski | Verizon Wireless “Show N Tell with NHL”

Most students would bring a prized possession or a favorite pet to their classroom’s Show N Tell, but on Wednesday, May 16th, Kathleen Cox brought James Wisniewski to her Sells Middle School 6th grade classroom, as part of the Verizon Wireless “Show N Tell with NHL”.

James Wisniewski picked Kathleen up in a limousine and headed to Sells Middle School in Dublin, Ohio. Kathleen’s classmates were all giggles as Wisniewski took over the classroom and told them of his love for playing “Ghost in the Graveyard”. They then erupted into laughter as he joked that he had been in “zero” hockey fights stating, “You have to talk it out.” When James Wisniewski was asked what he would be if he wasn’t a hockey player, he simply replied, “An historian.” James has been known to sit and watch the History Channel for hours on end. One Twitter follower posted not only a James Wisniewski fight video, but also the sentiment, “@jameswisniewski would be a bad historian if he doesn’t remember all this. Ha Ha Ha”

After a great day Wiz shared with 10TV just how much he loved the time spent in the classroom. Kathleen was interviewed as well and answered, “I was excited for today. He’s really famous and I’m not.”

Thanks again to Kathleen, Sells Middle school, and Verizon Wireless for putting this all together.

Here are some pictures and the video from the Verizon Wireless “Show N Tell with NHL”:

images by @bluejacketsNHL and @alison_pegg


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  1. This is pretty cool. She was no doubt the most popular girl at school that day.

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