Twitter Abuzz with WIZ

Ready for some tongue-in-cheek Tweets involving the Blue Jackets, James Wisniewski, and yes, Sean Avery too? No further introduction needed:

theroyalhalf – Really…James Wisniewski was traded to a team that is known as the BJ’s? You have a wicked sense of humor, Pierre Gauthier.

Carkeez - So fitting that Wisniewski is now a BJ. Take that Avery.

amy13phins - Sean Avery has been trying to reach James Wisniewski to congratulate him on his new 6-year $33 million contract, but keeps getting blown off.

OvenChicken8 - I bet all Howson could think about when signing Wisniewski was that gesture he gave to Avery earlier in the year

piercecp  – just signed some guy whose name I can’t pronounce. Wisniewski? Oh well, all I know is I would’ve flipped off Sean Avery too.

JoeYerdonPHT - The Wisniewski GIF of him taunting Sean Avery is going to get a lot of wear and tear over the next six years.

pickensfcsports  - I wonder how Sean Avery feels about that…. RT @Aportzline #CBJ sign D James Wisniewski. Six years, $33 million.

seanrcampbell  - How ironic. The BJs signed Wisniewski. I bet Sean Avery is laughing.

TheWrage – Who knew James Wisniewski would eventually sign with the Columbus BJ’s? Somewhere Sean Avery is giggling.

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  1. This is the perfect way to break down this infmroaiton.

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