Like Father, Like Son?

During a group father and son trip at the Blue Jackets vs. Bruins game, James’ father stole the show. Definitely not camera shy, James had a lot to say about his son, with pride exuding from every word. “He’ll be back in no time. Tough like his dad,” James could be heard stating matter-of-factly, after his number 21 son took a puck to the mouth. Spitting out his fake blood-coated teeth on the ice, getting fixed up in the locker room, and returning to the game just moments later, proved the point once again that James Wisniewski has guts and a steadfast fight to the end mentality.

After viewing his dad on video, it all makes sense now. Perhaps there is something to be said for inherited traits. Just how much of what makes us tick comes from our parents? I’m thinking quite a bit. James Wisniewski also showed the same clever wit, as his Blue Jacket son, with some jests about Boston accents during the interview and an amusing call-by-call narration.

Animated is the word used to describe the elder Wisniewski, during the commentary, and the same can been said of WIZ, but tremendous backbone and honor are my best guesses of describing the proud father and son team – true fans of one another.

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